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Fund Raising Take 2

I happened across this article about the HORRORS of school fund-raising and of course I had to say something, so go over and read the article and then here is my opinion I posted in the comment section.

I could go on for days about all the wrong that is in this article.

1. You have to look at school size when looking at fundraisers.  With a 100 student base like my daughter's school we find that food fundraisers work best for us.  Profit are higher then most fund raisers and our parents, of young children, love the quick meal factor.
2. Schools who do silent auction get items donated by local businesses.  The business gets a tax deduction and advertising for donating  and the school get to walk away with 100% of the money made. 
3. When each individual school considers fundraisers they also have to consider the other organizations in  their community that are trying to raise funds.  Our school would love to do Scrips, but there is already a number of organizations doing Scrip as …

Dance With Your Whole Body

Last night we sat in the bedroom, rather I sat and she danced.  She danced to the same song over and over and over.  I couldn't help but notice that every part of her was in motion.  How liberating, 
Today I vow to move every part of me.

Bad Teacher

When I was in third grade they called me "Sewer-Sue," it was a take-off on the Garbage Pail Kids.  I cried endlessly.  Not just because it hurt so bad, because it did, but mainly because I was having a rough home life and school was to be my oasis.  I would get on the bus and hope and pray no one would pick on me.  I wished that the teacher would stick up for me, but she didn't.
Mostly I cried.  Or hid in the bathroom and cry.  My teacher usually told me to buck-up.  Stop crying.  As a nine year old girl I felt lost and alone.  All I wanted was for someone to stick up for me.  For someone to tell me it was okay.
It never came that year.
Is it weird that I looked that teacher up?  She still teaches at that same school and that same grade.  Is it weird that I want to write to her and tell her she failed me?  That when I needed a champion she wasn't there.  That instead of bringing me up, she tore me down.  That she failed to see my home life sucked bananas and that sch…

Christmas Gift Ideas: Bento Box

I reserve the right, as a mother, to put one to two items on my children's Christmas wish list.  Is this fair?  I don't know and frankly I don't care.  That is the great thing about being a mom, I get to make the rules.This year the item that I am putting on this kiddos' wish list is....
Bento Boxes!
Yes that is right I am making Santa bring the kids lunch boxes for Christmas.  In an effort to help that jolly guy out I did my research to find the best bento/lunch box out there and this is what I came up with, The GoodByn Lunchbox.

Cute right.  Not exactly what the kids expect to find under the Christmas tree.  But I have my reasons in putting these on their wish lists.
Okay maybe not the whole world but defiantly in this house.  My husband runs a close third.  And basically I will eat anything I can scrap off the refrigerator shelf .
My kids are grazers and snackers.  They love a little …

WTF Man? Moment

My kids dislike mushrooms.  They seem them and run the other way.  I on the other hand love mushrooms, but my food loves play no part, when you have kids you consider their palette when planning a meal.  So imagine my joy (sarcastic) when I pulled out a frozen pizza and it had mushrooms all over it.  Shiz man frozen pizza is my fail-safe here.  I counted on this sucker to provide me with a child-nom factor with little cleaning afterwards.  Fast thinking I "magically" changed those mushrooms to "fairy-seeds".  Fairy seeds that fairies drop on the ground to make beautiful flowers, the same fairy seeds that the fairies actually enjoy for a little nosh,  or put on their fairy pizzas to make for a scrumptious feast.
That's right I have that kind of magical powers.
So after that magic and the story my children were happily sitting there eating their sausage and fairy seed pizza when my dear darling husband, who had been sitting there the ENTIRE TIME,  asks "Is t…

A demonstration of why I don't blog about politics

I don't get much into politics here, okay I don't get into it at all.  I am one of those 70-80% that Jon's talking about.  You won't see me in the picket lines, or shouting at a building with my fist in the air.  I basically keep my political views to myself.
I get why people feel they have to protest and living near the State Capital it is common place to see someone protesting something; for some reason I always seem to make it down to the capital for the yearly legalize cannabis assembly, another topic for another time.  I respect anyone's right to protest, if I don't like what the have to say I turn and walk away, my own little form of protest.
I can't help but get political now, it's all the TV ads, they have a way of igniting a flame. 
  And even though I won't get into deep political issues here or demonstrate why you should vote for one candidate or another, based on political ideology,  I am going get into how dumb politicians think I a…


I have a secret, well not really a secret because I have discussed this before: I love Bluegrass music.  Mainly I love the banjo.
While most woman swoon and drop their panties over the guitar player or the lead singer in the band, I get all hot and bothered over the banjo player.   Because the banjo is hot and sexy.
Case in point...

Right that is sexy hot.... *SWOON*
Those guys are Punch Brothers. 
My first Bluegrass love was Nickel Creek, and a few years ago they went their separate ways and their mandolin/banjo player joined Punch Brothers....

Cute right? **DOUBLE SWOON**
And may I say the mandolin is a close second to the banjo.  Close.   But second.
Punch Brothers and  Nickel Creek are considered "modern bluegrass" and the old time Bluegrass banjo players had some lookers too.  Okay not really but they had some really cool names.
Papa Charlie Johnson and Snuffy Jenkins and Bee Ho Gray
And did you know John Lennon played the banjo?  That ups the banjo cool facto…

When your four year old is a better photographer

I have a lot of pictures of our beloved cat Joey Sparkles, but leave it to my four-year-old to take the best Joey Sparkles picture EVER! 
This just sums up him in a nut shell.

and no you can't have him.

What a four year old says to you after her hamster and favorite barn kitty die (all in a matter of 24 hours)

When we go to MiMi's farm Meg usually picks out one barn kitty to smother with love Lenny Small style.  Every time she begs to take the kitty home: she has only been told "yes" once.
Meg's beloved weekend kitty passed away on Sunday morning, after a Saturday of playful love. Then when we woke up this morning our beloved hamster passed away.
Sometimes life can be a total asshole to a four year old.   
"But...but I saw the kitty's tail move and she winked her eye at me" "Can I get a new hamster?...or a gerbil?"Tears, tear and just more tears "Can we give Joey Sparkles the hamster? (Through tears and snot) "Now can you buy me a toy?""Can I use the hamster cage for my Zhu-Zhu pet now?""Are the kitty and hamster playing in ha-ban"And just more tears


Her name: Petal....
Don't let her looks decieve you, she is a lean-mean-stress-causing machine.  Have you ever been woken up at 3 am to find a Petal and then you can't find a Petal and you have a four year old crying "Where is Petal???" and you're like "I have no idea where Petal is, it's 3 am can't you sleep with Charlie Brown?"
Dumb question.  
This pink bunny has seen a lot and been everywhere.
The grocery store.  School.  The Library.  The Park.  The Badger game...

The fire station....
Petal will even be in this year's school picture.
And the idea of leaving her at any of these places sends my blood pressure up.
"Where's Petal?"  "Do you have Petal?"   "Did you leave Petal in the cart?"  "Fire Truck?"  "On the book shelf?"  "In the bleachers?"  "On the swing?"
Because when the sun has set and the moon is high and it's time to tuck little girl into bed and there…

Arthur, What a Wonderful Kind of Day

I am a product of a divorced family.  Try explaining why you have two moms and two dads to a seven year old, it goes something like this:
Son: "Mom, why does your mom live in Wisconsin and your dad in Tennessee?"
Me: "Well mommy's mommy and daddy are divorced and my mommy and daddy don't love together."
Son: "You and daddy are divorced?"

It's a hard thing to explain and harder since there are few relatable characters for him to refrence , it is always easier to explain with characters that he sees on T.V. or in a book.   Nolan is getting more curious about the world around him, he is starting to see differences and question them.

One of our favorite shows to watch is Arthur.  Arthur has tackled some really cool issues that kids today face.  Last year I was happy to see that Arthur brought on a character with Aspergers, Binky Barnes has a peanut allergies and Buster Bunny's parents are divorced.  Using Buster's family has helped my kids…

On Wisconsin

I live near a college town.  A big college town.  A Big 10 college town.
And at any given minute we can be blessed with football tickets and being only a hop, skip and a long wait on University Ave. away from the fun we are always on.
It doesn't hurt that it was Homecoming and we were playing our biggest rival, one of the LONGEST RUNNING rivalries in NCAA college football history.  It doesn't hurt also that said school is, time and again, named one of the top party schools.
Good Times.
And if you don't have fun you got a giant stick shoved somewhere.

So what's up for grabs, besides bragging rights for a year?
No silly bell or jug, you are in real man country.  A jug?  You silly kids.

Yes, tailgating would have been nice, but like I said this was last minute.  We start this journey passing through this magical arch.  And it is magical.  You walk through it, rich, poor, man, woman.  Your love or hate for football does not matter, you pass these gates and we all become fans…

Hey, How's Your Bowels Today?

I have IBS.  It is a little known fact about myself.  Of course I don't like to talk about my bowels much, who does?  It is not a topic that comes up in every day conversation.  "Hey how's your bowels today?"   "Did you take a nice crap today?"  "Why no, I didn't, I have IBS so taking a crap is actually a pain in the ass, literally and figuratively!" 
My IBS is part self-diagnosed and part clinically diagnosed.  After months of pooping in a cup and smearing my shit on a card to no avail, I stopped short of them sticking things up my anus for a 100% diagnosis.  There is only so much shit a girl can take.  Literal and Figural. 
This started out about 11 years ago after a case of adult acne and a round of the drug Accutane.  You know those commercials you see on T.V.?  They aren't just lip service, it is real issue.  It's kind of scary that a drug can rip your stomach apart for the rest of your life just to repair a vanity issue.
Okay, …

Love Will Come Set Me Free

I couldn't help but catch the news about Tyler Clementi.

Because it is moments like that, when I first read these stories, that I realize how much I hate people. People are mean and cruel and terrible.
Then I remember hate is what got us here in the first place.

I have a lovely family member who is a part of the LGBT community, and if anyone- ANYONE tried to hurt them I'd....Well I'd...
....but then I remember I would be fighting fire with fire. My cruelness. My aggression with words or fist makes me no better then those who torment.

I don't know what to say or do....or do.  I am but one small person with one small blog.
And what do I have to say?  Does it matter?
Then I remember it matters to me.  And it matters to that lovely family member, who I would protect to the ends of the earth. 
Being gay is okay.  It is more then okay.  It is normal.  It is who a person is.  And when someone uses what a person is to weaken, deface, manipulate them, it is a crime aga…

Little hands


Bacon and the Cat

This is where Joey Sparkles sits when I am frying up bacon.  He looks up at me with longing eyes, waiting patiently for me to drop a juicy, crunchy morsel.  I always oblige, who could resist that face??

Reviving Ophelia

Inspired by the book"Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls," Lifetime TV has a new movie set to air October 11, 2010 at 9:00 pm et staring Jane Kaczmarek and Kim Dickens.

"In “Reviving Ophelia,” sisters Marie (Jane Kaczmarek) and Le Ann (Kim Dickens) have always leaned on one another through life’s challenges, but discover they need each other more than ever as they navigate the complexities of understanding and raising their teen daughters. Marie’s 17-year-old Elizabeth (Rebecca Williams) has the picture-perfect life, with a seemingly equally wonderful boyfriend. Meanwhile, Le Ann is raising 16-year-old Kelli (Carleigh Beverly) as a single parent and finds it difficult to relate to the pressures her daughter is facing with boys, friends and school. When Kelli starts to suspect Elizabeth may be abused by her boyfriend (Nick Thurston), no one will believe her. But when Elizabeth lands in the hospital, Kelli’s surprising insights help Marie give Elizabeth…

Today's Pill Regimen

This morning I remembered to take my vitamins:
1 fish oil tablet- The Doctor swears by these for physically and emotional well-being, it is the Jesus of supplements.1 multi-vitamin- don't need to state the obvious here, do I?1 calcium and vitamin d tablet- no slouchy-slouchies for me2 Advil- as needed but find I need it most mornings, time to get my eyes checked....or my hair cut.St. John's Wort- My happy ending.Sadly I had to add one more pill to my regimen this morn: A sinus pill. 
Yes, tis the season.  I can hardly keep my eyes open my cheeks hurt so bad.  So I end this story and you can give me pity, cause I need it.
So long cruel world.