Fund Raising Take 2

I happened across this article about the HORRORS of school fund-raising and of course I had to say something, so go over and read the article and then here is my opinion I posted in the comment section.

I could go on for days about all the wrong that is in this article.

1. You have to look at school size when looking at fundraisers.  With a 100 student base like my daughter's school we find that food fundraisers work best for us.  Profit are higher then most fund raisers and our parents, of young children, love the quick meal factor.
2. Schools who do silent auction get items donated by local businesses.  The business gets a tax deduction and advertising for donating  and the school get to walk away with 100% of the money made. 
3. When each individual school considers fundraisers they also have to consider the other organizations in  their community that are trying to raise funds.  Our school would love to do Scrips, but there is already a number of organizations doing Scrip as a fundraiser.  As much as we consider competition effecting our bottom line we also consider it for our other community organizations bottom line.  We all have to be considerate of our neighbors and their efforts to raise money.
4.  If you don't have the volunteer base to assist a lot of  fund raising is out!  Nothing is done by one person and if the school doesn't have the help to put on something  like a walk-a-thon  fundraisers then their only option is to send home an order form for wrapping paper, pizza etc.
5. Fund raising efforts are always evaluated.  If wrapping paper brings money into the school, the school will keep selling it.  If the money is not good the school will move on to the next fundraiser.  fundraising decisions are not made arbitrarily, a lot of thought and planning go into it.  
6. Not every school is the same.  So not all school fund raising is the same.  What works for one school might not work for another.  All fund-raising efforts are based on demographic of the school and the community.   

This article is so ill researched, shame on Shine for allowing it to be posted.  Please don't shun school fund-raising efforts based on one persons personal experience.


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