Monday, November 1, 2010

Facebook. The Other White Meat

Twitter is for blogging and Facebook is for family.  That is my rule.  Mostly because everything that a blogger post on Facebook they also post on Twitter, and I am bombarded twice with information, some I didn't care about the first go round.
Trying to weed through the latest blogging controversy to find out if my cousin had her baby is beyond annoying.  I vowed to keep in simple so I spent a good forty-five minutes deleting every person who had/has a blog from my Facebook friends list last year, it was liberating.
Because of my Facebook snobbery  I feel I am neglecting you my loyal reader from my Facebook gems.  So today, for my list, I will highlight my top 5 favorite Facebook status updates.
  1. What I thought I heard the 4 year old say: "Come upstairs Nolan Jesus is on!" What 4 year old actually said "Come upstairs Nolan Like a G-6 is on."
  2. Stupid things to say to a four-year-old: "Come on, let's be reasonable here!"
  3. Further proving that I am the reincarnation of a twelve year old boy; I giggled a little when I told Nolan's teacher "See You Next Tuesday."
  4. Joey Sparkles routine for waking me up in the morning is 1. Play in the toilet water then 2. knead my face with his toilet-water-soaked paws.
  5. Sadly today I realized my maturity level was no different from my 7 year old when I noticed "but" "nut" and "bun" all on the same spelling list.

    Monday's list semi-faithfully submitted to ABDPBT

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