Thursday, October 21, 2010

A demonstration of why I don't blog about politics

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I don't get much into politics here, okay I don't get into it at all.  I am one of those 70-80% that Jon's talking about.  You won't see me in the picket lines, or shouting at a building with my fist in the air.  I basically keep my political views to myself.
I get why people feel they have to protest and living near the State Capital it is common place to see someone protesting something; for some reason I always seem to make it down to the capital for the yearly legalize cannabis assembly, another topic for another time.  I respect anyone's right to protest, if I don't like what the have to say I turn and walk away, my own little form of protest.
I can't help but get political now, it's all the TV ads, they have a way of igniting a flame. 
  And even though I won't get into deep political issues here or demonstrate why you should vote for one candidate or another, based on political ideology,  I am going get into how dumb politicians think I am.
Now before I get into a big rant I will have a disclaimer, mainly I am talking about one candidate here in my state, he is running on this "Every-Man" campaign which is totally awesome, but when you say things like "getting off my rear" it doesn't make me wanna vote for you, it only makes me feel like you are talking down to me.  You are a leader act like one.
Or when you say "There's a lot of lawyers in Washington" and you say it like lawyers are a crime against nature and you say it like I don't realize that when people consider a career in politics they consider the fact duh they are making laws and if they are making laws they the laws, so what kind of schooling will help them learn the laws that they are trying to protect and make...that's right Law school, so lawyers.  That is why there is a lot of lawyers in Washington.  And you making the "Lawyers are bad" joke to win my vote makes me think that you think I am dumb.  And I am not. 
Okay that was a rant.  Do you see what politics do to me?  Suddenly I turn into that other 20-30% that Stephen's talking about.  
Deep breathes and relaxation tapes and I will be back to my normal sane self.
And this is why I don't write about politics.
But I still vote and you should too.
The end.

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