Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have a secret, well not really a secret because I have discussed this before: I love Bluegrass music.  Mainly I love the banjo.
While most woman swoon and drop their panties over the guitar player or the lead singer in the band, I get all hot and bothered over the banjo player.   Because the banjo is hot and sexy.
Case in point...

Right that is sexy hot.... *SWOON*
Those guys are Punch Brothers. 
My first Bluegrass love was Nickel Creek, and a few years ago they went their separate ways and their mandolin/banjo player joined Punch Brothers....

Cute right? **DOUBLE SWOON**
And may I say the mandolin is a close second to the banjo.  Close.   But second.
Punch Brothers and  Nickel Creek are considered "modern bluegrass" and the old time Bluegrass banjo players had some lookers too.  Okay not really but they had some really cool names.
Papa Charlie Johnson and Snuffy Jenkins and Bee Ho Gray
And did you know John Lennon played the banjo?  That ups the banjo cool factor if I say so myself.
And he didn't really sing or play the banjo but George Clooney in Oh Brother Where Art Thou made Bluegrass music sexier still.
Now there is one banjo player that has my heart.  I told my mom I had a banjo-daddy-complex for him and I think my mom was ready to pay for therapy right then and there.
No amount of head-shrinking will change my feelings though.
Well, I'll let you be the judge.

Right?  Sexy hot!!!
Silver fox.... ***TRIPLE SWOON***
Steve Martin Banjo Player Extraordinaire.He's funny, talented, a genius writer and he plays the banjo.  He can do no wrong in my eyes.

Before you go I will leave you with some banjo awesomeness and you be the judge.  I will convert you all the banjo-lovin' people.  That is why God and Jesus put me on this earth.  Amen.

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  1. I feel your Banjo love.
    I think it's because most of the time when I think of guitars and guitar players, I think of the stereotypical guy who sapily warbles over 3 chords.

    when I think of banjo and banjo players, however...
    i imagine scruffy, beautiful men with rediculous ammouns of talent and very very very dexterous fingers.

    play on, my fellow banjo lover.


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