WTF Man? Moment

My kids dislike mushrooms.  They seem them and run the other way.  I on the other hand love mushrooms, but my food loves play no part, when you have kids you consider their palette when planning a meal.  So imagine my joy (sarcastic) when I pulled out a frozen pizza and it had mushrooms all over it.  Shiz man frozen pizza is my fail-safe here.  I counted on this sucker to provide me with a child-nom factor with little cleaning afterwards.  Fast thinking I "magically" changed those mushrooms to "fairy-seeds".  Fairy seeds that fairies drop on the ground to make beautiful flowers, the same fairy seeds that the fairies actually enjoy for a little nosh,  or put on their fairy pizzas to make for a scrumptious feast.
That's right I have that kind of magical powers.
So after that magic and the story my children were happily sitting there eating their sausage and fairy seed pizza when my dear darling husband, who had been sitting there the ENTIRE TIME,  asks "Is there mushrooms on this pizza?"
WTF Man??
Proof: Fairies love pizza


  1. Oh, that is totally something my husband would do, too. It's like they are in their own little worlds and have no idea the precarious balance you are maintaining with the kids and how easy it is to mess it all up.


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