Christmas Gift Ideas: Bento Box

I reserve the right, as a mother, to put one to two items on my children's Christmas wish list.  Is this fair?  I don't know and frankly I don't care.  That is the great thing about being a mom, I get to make the rules.This year the item that I am putting on this kiddos' wish list is....
Bento Boxes!
Yes that is right I am making Santa bring the kids lunch boxes for Christmas.  In an effort to help that jolly guy out I did my research to find the best bento/lunch box out there and this is what I came up with, The GoodByn Lunchbox.
For the Boy

For the Girl

Cute right.  Not exactly what the kids expect to find under the Christmas tree.  But I have my reasons in putting these on their wish lists.
Okay maybe not the whole world but defiantly in this house.  My husband runs a close third.  And basically I will eat anything I can scrap off the refrigerator shelf .
My kids are grazers and snackers.  They love a little of everything and that is why I love the idea of these Bento boxes for them.  I could put some cheese in one compartment and some cracker in another and finish it off with some carrot sticks.  Fill up the water bottle and lunch is done. Which may I say the Goodbyn lunchbox is the only one I could find with a built in water bottle.  BONUS!!!
Now you are asking "Why don't you just buy it for them today?  Why ruin their Christmas morning with lunch boxes?"
That is a very good question, didn't you see the part up above where I stated I make the rules?  This is just a huge power trip. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Just kidding.  No, really I am not kidding.
Actually I am kind of a penny pinching cheapskate and if I went out today I'd buy the cheapest boxes I could find.
But Christmas brings out the spender in me.  I can loosen up the purse strings and dig a little deeper in the wallet to spend a little more money to get good quality lunch boxes.
Mean or not I am super excited to wrap up these lunch boxes for the kids.  And since they come with stickers to decorate each box, I don't think I'll hear much groaning.   I actually think this gift will be a welcomed surprise!

Stay tuned here for more Christmas ideas for you and yours!

Disclaimer: I was not asked nor paid nor given any product to write this post.  I am writing this post because I wanted to share with you the research I did in finding the perfect lunchbox for my kids.  Go now to Goodbyn because they are having buy one get the second half off sale, enter "onehalfoff" at checkout.  Offer end Nov.1, 2010


  1. I don't see where there is a spot for a freezer pack to keep the food cold. How will you keep their food cool in those boxes with no freezer pack? Nobody wants to eat a warm sammy or warm cheese. =/

  2. I did notice that and saw in a few reviews that it was one of the cons of this bento box.
    In the reviews though some stated that they used the water bottle as an ice pack. I am not 100% sure if the bottle was freezer-safe but i have an email into them to double check.
    also some of the compartments were big enough to hold smaller ice packs to cool individual stuff.
    i hate warm cheese but I hate a soggy sandwich.

  3. Cool! These look great. I may have to check them out for Danny, because he is a horribly picky eater too.


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