Monday, October 18, 2010

What a four year old says to you after her hamster and favorite barn kitty die (all in a matter of 24 hours)

When we go to MiMi's farm Meg usually picks out one barn kitty to smother with love Lenny Small style.  Every time she begs to take the kitty home: she has only been told "yes" once.
Meg's beloved weekend kitty passed away on Sunday morning, after a Saturday of playful love. Then when we woke up this morning our beloved hamster passed away.
Sometimes life can be a total asshole to a four year old.   
  1. "But...but I saw the kitty's tail move and she winked her eye at me"
  2. "Can I get a new hamster?...or a gerbil?"
  3. Tears, tear and just more tears
  4. "Can we give Joey Sparkles the hamster?
  5.  (Through tears and snot) "Now can you buy me a toy?"
  6. "Can I use the hamster cage for my Zhu-Zhu pet now?"
  7. "Are the kitty and hamster playing in ha-ban"
  8. And just more tears



  1. Awww. That's so sad. Poor kid.

  2. Poor lil mama! Its hard sometimes being a kid ;-(


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