Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Her name: Petal....
Don't let her looks decieve you, she is a lean-mean-stress-causing machine.  Have you ever been woken up at 3 am to find a Petal and then you can't find a Petal and you have a four year old crying "Where is Petal???" and you're like "I have no idea where Petal is, it's 3 am can't you sleep with Charlie Brown?"
Dumb question.  
This pink bunny has seen a lot and been everywhere.
The grocery store.  School.  The Library.  The Park.  The Badger game...

The fire station....
Petal will even be in this year's school picture.
And the idea of leaving her at any of these places sends my blood pressure up.
"Where's Petal?"  "Do you have Petal?"   "Did you leave Petal in the cart?"  "Fire Truck?"  "On the book shelf?"  "In the bleachers?"  "On the swing?"
Because when the sun has set and the moon is high and it's time to tuck little girl into bed and there is no Petal, God have mercy on your soul. 
Everyone says this too shall pass.  One night she'll forget about Petal and fall asleep.   But for now Petal is a part of our family. And who could resist that pink face...

or this pick face...

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  1. Sounds like Petal needs a locator chip implanted!


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