Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Arthur, What a Wonderful Kind of Day

I am a product of a divorced family.  Try explaining why you have two moms and two dads to a seven year old, it goes something like this:
Son: "Mom, why does your mom live in Wisconsin and your dad in Tennessee?"
Me: "Well mommy's mommy and daddy are divorced and my mommy and daddy don't love together."
Son: "You and daddy are divorced?"

It's a hard thing to explain and harder since there are few relatable characters for him to refrence , it is always easier to explain with characters that he sees on T.V. or in a book.   Nolan is getting more curious about the world around him, he is starting to see differences and question them.

One of our favorite shows to watch is Arthur.  Arthur has tackled some really cool issues that kids today face.  Last year I was happy to see that Arthur brought on a character with Aspergers, Binky Barnes has a peanut allergies and Buster Bunny's parents are divorced.  Using Buster's family has helped my kids understand divorce.

This season of Arthur is no different, starting off Arthur's friend The Brain learns about what life is like for those in a wheelchair.  Elwood City new character Lydia Fox shows The Brain how to play basketball and how to deal with everyday situations in a wheelchair.
Also stay tuned for Arthur's very special Halloween episode with special guest Neil Gaiman, author of the book Coraline and The Graveyard Book, set to air October 25.

Arthur can be seen everyday on PBS Kids, check listings for channel and times.  Check out PBS Kids.com for fun Arthur activities and games.  Also check out great Arthur books by Marc Brown, two of our family faves are Arthur's Chicken Pox and D.W. Rides Again.

Disclosure: I received a screener of Arthur no other compensation was given. All opinions and stories above are my own.  All pictures are owned by PBS KIDS.

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