Sunday, October 10, 2010

On Wisconsin

I live near a college town.  A big college town.  A Big 10 college town.
And at any given minute we can be blessed with football tickets and being only a hop, skip and a long wait on University Ave. away from the fun we are always on.
It doesn't hurt that it was Homecoming and we were playing our biggest rival, one of the LONGEST RUNNING rivalries in NCAA college football history.  It doesn't hurt also that said school is, time and again, named one of the top party schools.
Good Times.
And if you don't have fun you got a giant stick shoved somewhere.

So what's up for grabs, besides bragging rights for a year?
Paul Bunyans Axe
No silly bell or jug, you are in real man country.  A jug?  You silly kids.

Yes, tailgating would have been nice, but like I said this was last minute.  We start this journey passing through this magical arch.  And it is magical.  You walk through it, rich, poor, man, woman.  Your love or hate for football does not matter, you pass these gates and we all become fans.  These gates are only second to heaven's.

My boys ready for some football. No, excuse me.  FOOTBALL!!!!

It's called Camp Randall.  It's named for tradition, not a corporation.  This is why I love it.

You come for the football you stay for the band.  If you have never seen our marching band you are a sad mac.  Sad. Mac.

Two young fans waiting for their team.  They are some cute fans.

And here they come.  Real men wear red.  And white.

Double the U, Dot the I, Curve the S, Curve the C, Round the O, Slant the N, Curve the S, Dot the I....and N.  I snapped too soon.  I forgot the last N.  Do not mistake, it is an important N.

Nice tight end.  What?  Really that's a tight end.
Okay who am I kidding.  Nice butt.

Picture of the cheerleaders for this cheerleader...

 Yum! good pom-poms.  I am so glad I payed the 100% mark-up for those.  She was one happy 4 year old.

"First and 10 Wisconsin"  Our kid got everyone around him screaming that.  And he got more then his share of high fives.  He loves football.  No, excuse me, HE LOVES FOOTBALL!!!

Jump Around!
See under the giant billboard?  Those are all the students.  They are crazy fun to watch.  If you are going to a college game sit as close to the student seating as possible.  But not in the student section, you're just asking to be puked on.

And the winner was....
....did you ever doubt it.  The Axe comes back.  It always does.
Now as a public service I feel it is my duty to show you all How to Bucky.  Because that is what I am. A giver.

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  1. I love it!!!!!!! What great family fun. Some football cheerleaders and nice buts are great too. I love the gate. I must walk through that gate sometime. I need a lil magical something.


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