Today's Pill Regimen

This morning I remembered to take my vitamins:
  1. 1 fish oil tablet- The Doctor swears by these for physically and emotional well-being, it is the Jesus of supplements.
  2. 1 multi-vitamin- don't need to state the obvious here, do I?
  3. 1 calcium and vitamin d tablet- no slouchy-slouchies for me
  4. 2 Advil- as needed but find I need it most mornings, time to get my eyes checked....or my hair cut.
  5. St. John's Wort- My happy ending.
Sadly I had to add one more pill to my regimen this morn: A sinus pill. 
Yes, tis the season.  I can hardly keep my eyes open my cheeks hurt so bad.  So I end this story and you can give me pity, cause I need it.
So long cruel world.


  1. Try a Neti Pot for your sinus issues. It's a little weird, but it really does clean them out :)

  2. I'm just now reading your post, 2 days after you posted it, but I was behind in my Google reader. I got caught up this morning. I am a fanatic about health and well being/cancer-disease prevention. My pill regimen involves 36 pills a day, 4 of which are prescriptions. I posted a blog post one time that explains what I take and why if you ever get interested in expanding what you take.

    Here is the link,

    Just on a side note...all the pills I take may seem extreme but I haven't been "sick" not once in the last 6 years. I have perfect blood work, cholesterol, blood counts, hormone levels, no vitamin deficiencies. I have Lupus but live symptom free and I think it has everything to do with that supplements I take. I am not a weirdo. Well, ok maybe I am a weirdo, but my weirdness isn't why I take all the pills. I do it to live longer. I believe in it. I use a 7 day pill box that is divided up into morning, noon, evening and night and I load it up once a week with all the pills I take so I don't have to open all those pill bottles every day. If I had to open all those pill bottles every day I wouldn't take them. That's too much of a PITA.


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