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Why I Am Not Blogging This Week

The kids start school this weekVolunteer obligationsLaundryWorld hungerPea soupLaundryI broke the internet.Too much TwitterToo much FacebookLaundryHostile takeover  12. The cat ate my blog

a girl and her cat

have a great weekend!

Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes

I had to pick up the same puzzle pieces five times, only to discover pieces were missing.
The cat knocked over my dried eucalyptus, breaking a stem and tearing some leaves off.
I found my "Spring Tea" hat only to discover it was smushed and the green beads that decorated the hat were falling off.
I had to pick up Meg's gem collection again.
I found a craft brad with "Route 66" on it and I remembered "gettin' my kicks" on it when we were in Springfield.
I am always cleaning up messes.
Messes are ugly.
or are they?

All the things I had stepped on, lost and found, drove me crazy, made me sad and made me remember all on this tree.  It felt good.

My stapler loves to jam leaving me with crooked staples.  They litter my counter tops and fall to the floor. 
No rhyme or reason. It just happened like that. I added the bottle top: it reminded me of Carl and Ellie.  
They always make me smile.

You should have seen him before, he was such a drab.
All these …

Scrapbook:Springfield Part Deux or Hark How the Bells

Part One here
After a long morning of traveling it is always nice to take the rest of the day to nap while the kids run around feral.
Or you can go to the park.

It's nice to get outside and sweat like a pig.   All proof of me sweating has been destroyed, furthering the illusion that I glow.

And we break for a public service announcement:
Geese and ducks poop. They poop a lot. When you feed geese and duck bread they not only poop more but the poop becomes a texture that is not normal and quite frankly is beyond disgusting.  Don't feed geese and ducks bread. 
Thank you , 
Friends who don't want to step in mushy duck crap, or is it geese crap?  In that case GEESE CRAP!

This park that we went to holds special meaning to my sister and her husband, it is where they were married.  And as Megan says, "YUCK MARRIED!"
She's a hopeless romantic.

One of my favorite things about the park is this....

So cool. Last year we were able to not only hear them, but watch them being p…

Scrapbook: Springfield

The Land of Lincoln.  I consider it my home state, so it is nice to go back and pay a visit.
So we leave early for our long journey.  Lots of driving.  The view....

Ahh! yes my weary travelers you learn well.

But between the corn and the tears you see something totally worth not letting your mind go to that deep dark place that makes you wonder, "Is there really such a thing as Children of the Corn?"  "And if there is am I better with these corn children then with my own children?"
That joke just doesn't gets old.
It's all in the name.

When you plan a family vacation it is always nice to visit people you know.  Of course the less warning you give them the better, don't give them a chance to change their mind. Even better....
The best time for this surprise?  Right before their morning coffee, that way you can prepare yourself for the morning scare.
My sister is actually not that scary in the morning.  You should have seen her face when I…


We got back yesterday from our trip to Springfield and St. Louis.
I loved it.  I had fun.  And now off to the "Back to School" races.
I will be back with trip pics, but for now I will leave you with this....

If you happen to be in St. Louis, and need something to do with the kids, check out "The Magic House". Simply amazing and fun!
Those travel books I made?  Worked like a charm.  They are now a permanent fixture in  the "mom-mobile. "

Scrapbook: Madison

I love living near Madison.  It this big city wrapped up in a small town package.
My kids love it too.  A favorite place to visit is the State Capital Building....

  This time N asked me if you can find money there.  Sorry N you will find no money here, sadly you are more likely to lose money here.  Get it.  Government.  Lose money.  Wakka wakka the jokes just never end!

The view laying down on that cold marble, right smack dab in the center, is AMAZING!!  Next time I will wear pants so you can see for yourself.

  Or on top of capital.  Which is actually the bottom part of the dome.  It's high up there.

Once you get to the edge, the view.....

...You have to see it for yourself.

I get me one of these?
Good times.

Changes Made

Last night, well the past month I have given a lot of thought to what I want to do with my life.  Maybe it's the fact that school is starting soon.  There is something new and fresh about this time of year, it begs for change more then anytime of the year.  Yes, even more then New Year.  It is cold in the New Year, bleak, well at least in my neck of the woods.  The idea of starting something new among frigid below zero temperatures is not appealing.  Starting change among the changing fall leaves, the breeze that cools me and the fact that two screaming, fighting children are safety enriching their minds giving me a chance to actually think for a change is my kind of atmosphere for change.
So some changes made....
Did you notice my new blog title.  Yeah I am kind of like it, I think it is a good change.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that home is where my heart is.  I am the type of person who is ready to go off into the next thing.  Sometimes you need the reminder to keep your…

Energized For a Cure

A friend will be having surgery this coming week, after a long road of chemotherapy.  After the surgery she will go through more treatments.  Breast. Cancer. Sucks.  Big time.
Could you please go to "The Energizer Bunny's" Facebook page and "Like" him.  For every new "like" Energizer will donate $1 (up to $150,000) to Susan G. Komen for a Cure!
Please note I was not compensated in any way for the above post nor am I being compensated to say....
Energizer is providing "ReCharge:" stations at Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk events, that provided....
Laptops for walker to share their journey, Energizer® Energi To Go® portable power items such as the EnergiStick™ and XP 1000 portable cell phone chargers, flashlights, lanterns and battery-operated games. Also at the "Recharge" Stations are chair massages, provided by members of the American Massage Therapy Association.
The Energizer Family will also be making a $400,000 donation to Susan G.…

Travel Workbook

Make no mistake I am nervous, with a capital N, about this car trip with the kids. Five plus hours one way. No T.V. with fancy DVD player for us. We rely on imagination. Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I do have a death wish.
Last year on our five hour tour I used cookie cutters as trays for the kids to color.
I discovered the wonder that is audio books from the library. My kids love listening to chapter books and can recall story plots and details. Makes a momma proud.
Now this year I had a moment of genius, which does not happen that much.
A travel workbook.
Stuff to learn.
Things to keep the minds busy.
What more could you ask for?
So here is how it is done!
Supplies: 3 ring binder.  I purchased mine at The Dollar Store.Plastic paper sleeve/  The Dollar Store again, they sell packs of 25 plastic sleeves.3 ring binder pencil case.  Wal-mart has these pencil cases right in their "Back to School" section.Dry erase markers.  I spent a little more money on thes…

Sisher 10'

I changed my blog name again.  I have ADD, I know.  I am just trying to find my grove here.  I get bored easily. Yada.  Yada. Yada.

Someone else has the same blog title, I always look before I switch, but they stopped blogging in 2007 so I am thinking it is all good.

In four days I leave for a weekend of fun with my little sister.  I can't wait.  I had to sit and listen to the endless hours/days of #Blogher10 on Twitter so now it is my turn to repay the favor!  So be prepared for.....
That's right you are going to have to live vicariously thorough my vague drunken tweets.  Fun, drunken hedonism.
Actually I will have two kids, so it will be long whiny days of paying for my own shit and going to bed at 9pm.  Fun, Right?  Right???  Jealous?  Right.
I am prepin' and packin' and ziplocin'.
I'd totally make out with the person who invented the gallon size zip-loc bag.  Even if it was a girl.  Or a lady.  Or a tramp.
Why the lady's a tramp.  Sing-a-long t…

a good cry.

I could absolutely never get sick of this song.
It is my go to cry song.  Sometimes you just have to let the dam burst.  Let go of everything.  On days I just can't make the cry come I put on this song.
I am not talking one glistening tear cry.  I am talking whole self, shake the world kind of cry.  Everything and Anything that has built up, letting it out and loose and free.
It is an amazing feeling.
A good cry.

World Breastfeeding Week

I have been meaning to write about "World Breastfeeding Week" but life got in the way.  That and I am always afraid of what others will say.  I am afraid of that person that will come to my blog and say "But my milk didn't come in"  or complain about "Breast-feeding Nazis" or woman who let their boobs hang out and jiggle them around in peoples face all in the name of breastfeeding.
And really I can't speak for those people, I can only speak for myself.
I loved breastfeeding my children.  I loved breastfeeding my toddlers.  If I was to have another child I would breastfeed them without a second thought.   Breastfeeding my children is one of my greatest accomplishments.  I am proud of myself.  Proud that I didn't give up, even when my breast were sore and hard.  That I didn't give up when thrush and fever exhausted my body. 
If I had it to do over I won't change a thing.  I loved the little moments.  Sometimes I sit with my children now,…


You know when you have so much to say but you just don't have the energy to say it?  It's called lazy.  Okay maybe not lazy.
Yeah Lazy.

I would love to share my take on the economy, but really that would bore you to tears.
My thoughts on peace in the Middle East are fascinating, but really a mom from the "Cheese-State" won't solve that problem.
I have an opinion about Kate Gosselin, but you know what they say about opinions.  And Assholes.  And Kate Gosselin.
Okay she's not that bad.  Let's think about it moms.
1. Stay home with kids.
2. Go on endless vacations.
3.Get paid to do it all.
And now douche-bag free....Ummm...yes please where do I sign up.
And don't even tell me you won't do it.

I struggle with what really to blog about.
I use to do product reviews.  But as much as I loved getting free stuff it became  lot to do and I hates when there is expectation in blogging. 
And I want to write. Someday I want to be a writer.  When I grow up and …

Give Good Book

So I happen to glance at my comments today and noticed people want book suggestions and I aim to please.

I started off early spring by reading "SookieStackhouse" If you ignore the children most of the day, only breaking to feed them 3 square meals, you can finish these a book a day.

Now it is all about Vampires and if you are like most people you are in Vampire overload. Thanks "Twilight."  I promise though these are some good reads, they are Vampires for grown ups.   Vampires that don't sparkle and aren't so emo.  You know if you add an "L" into emo you get Elmo, not so depressing now is it?

Some good summer reads are Carl Hiaasen books.  I've read both "Skinny Dip" and "Basket Case".  I plan on reading more of his books, he is a great suspense writer.

Another great  suspense writer is Harlen Coben. If you only read one of his books may I suggest "Hold Tight". but fair warning here start it first thing in the mor…


*I have been bloggy neglectful. It is sad.  I really need to up my game here. I guess I am bloggy depressed.  Is there by chance bloggy Prozac?  Cause I'll take the economy size bottle of that.  Big bottle.  BIG.
My life is the same.  The kids have given up on outside play.  The humidity and the mosquitos....OMFG the mosquitos....have taken threre toll on their poor undeserving souls, and mine.  We walk outside to go back in five minutes later with sweat covering our upper lip and five mosquito bites.  That's a mosquito bite a minute if you don't want to do the math.
*For the record we have many repellents, but these mosquitoes seem to be immune to any sort of repelling chemical.  And also lip sweat is the worse sweat in the world.  It shows the lip hair.  YUCK! and YIKES!
I am reading "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest"  which for the record is the last book in the Millennium Trilogy.  If you have a week, I suggest these books highly.  Give yourself some…