*I have been bloggy neglectful. It is sad.  I really need to up my game here. I guess I am bloggy depressed.  Is there by chance bloggy Prozac?  Cause I'll take the economy size bottle of that.  Big bottle.  BIG.
My life is the same.  The kids have given up on outside play.  The humidity and the mosquitos....OMFG the mosquitos....have taken threre toll on their poor undeserving souls, and mine.  We walk outside to go back in five minutes later with sweat covering our upper lip and five mosquito bites.  That's a mosquito bite a minute if you don't want to do the math.
*For the record we have many repellents, but these mosquitoes seem to be immune to any sort of repelling chemical.  And also lip sweat is the worse sweat in the world.  It shows the lip hair.  YUCK! and YIKES!
I am reading "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest"  which for the record is the last book in the Millennium Trilogy.  If you have a week, I suggest these books highly.  Give yourself some time, the translations wear on you but it is so worth it!
*I am officially 33 years old.  Officially.  I don't feel a day older then 32.  So I guess I have got it good. 


  1. Your awsome and dont forget it! I need some book reading suggestions. Thanks


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