Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Give Good Book

So I happen to glance at my comments today and noticed people want book suggestions and I aim to please.

I started off early spring by reading "SookieStackhouse" If you ignore the children most of the day, only breaking to feed them 3 square meals, you can finish these a book a day.

Now it is all about Vampires and if you are like most people you are in Vampire overload. Thanks "Twilight."  I promise though these are some good reads, they are Vampires for grown ups.   Vampires that don't sparkle and aren't so emo.  You know if you add an "L" into emo you get Elmo, not so depressing now is it?

Some good summer reads are Carl Hiaasen books.  I've read both "Skinny Dip" and "Basket Case".  I plan on reading more of his books, he is a great suspense writer.

Another great  suspense writer is Harlen Coben. If you only read one of his books may I suggest "Hold Tight". but fair warning here start it first thing in the morning so you aren't up all night, it will hook you.

I think Harlan's "Caught" should be mandatory reading for all bloggers. Although somewhat dramatic, the demonstration of cyber-bullying would make anyone stop and think before they post filth online.

Now if you have two weeks to devote to a series may I suggest the Millennium Trilogy.  The translations can be a bit rough but if you stick with it I am sure you will enjoy it.  I am now finishing up the trilogy with "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest". I am pleased I stuck with it and finished the first two books.  The author is VERY narrative but in the end you are left feeling full, I love to feel full.

Now as a reward for finishing Millennium you might want to check out the Stephanie Plum series.  If you aren't much of a reader I suggest starting off with this series.  We aren't talking high-brow literature here.  We are talking laugh out loud awesomeness and sometimes that is just what you need in a book.  I loved the main heroine, Stephanie and I was hooked from word one of this series.

I was able to get this whole series in the library, except for book sixteen.  My suggestion is to get three to four books at a time, they go fast, and trust me, you are left wanting more.

These are my suggestions, have any for me?

Above is a slide show of books mentioned. If you click on it and purchase a book I might get all of $.10. My hope is that is 20 years I can purchase a Kindle. Thank you for helping the cause!


  1. Thank you so much. Im going to go to the used bookstore and see if any of these are there. If not ill hit up the library or Ill got to the big W word :-)


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