Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reading the summer away.

I have not blogged. I haven't even looked at my blog. It has been awhile hasn't it? Did you miss me?
Don't answer that.
In this giant stack of hay we call blogging I am but a tiny needle.
So instead of ignoring my children and blogging:
I have been ignoring my children and reading.
Just joking.
Kind of.
My two lovely children,FINALLY, have the ability to play on their own, without me having to entertain them.  They actually rather play with their friend. 
Gasp.  Spew. The horror.
So being the mother bear that I am, I prop up a lawn chair in the shade and read.  Read.
and occasionally call the children in for roll call.
In less then 4 week I have read 18 books.
MILKaWHAT?  you say.
I know.  That is almost a book a day.
My laundry isn't done.
My vacuum practices have slowly diminished.
I have taken to covering the pee smell in my bathroom with a bottle of Lysol and baby wipes.  "A Spray and a wipe a day keeps the pee smell at bay."
Gross right?  Judge.  I don't care.
But damn it my imagination is in full swing.
I am book worm, hear me squirm.


  1. I LOVE it! What are you reading? I would read every second of the day if I could. As it is, I often ignore my kids for a good book.

  2. I no longer have kids at home to ignore. But I do well at ignoring, housework, important phone calls, trips to the post office...the list goes on.
    So yes, please share your reading list!


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