Monday, July 12, 2010

Is it Weird....

  1. That I have a blog dedicated to my cat?
  2. That I get uber-suspicious when random people find me on Facebook, yet I am okay with them following me on Twitter?
  3. That I leave party decorations up for a week after a party?
  4. That I read books at Major League Ballparks?*
  5. That I kinda enjoy Monster Jam?
  6. That I'll run all over town to find a good book but refuse to go to more then one grocery store in a day?
  7. That I hate to brush my hair?
  8. That I refuse to buy a new camera even though my old ones battery compartment is held close by a piece of blue painter's tape?
  9. That I use a T.V., turned on loud, as a security system?
  10. That my favorite store is the Dollar Store?
*Please note home team is the Brewers.  #Suckage


  1. I leave party decorations up too. My kids love it. Joey you have your own blog. Awsomeness!!!!!

  2. I think it's weird when ppl I don't know try to friend me on Facebook too, because I thought that was mainly a place for ppl who actually KNOW EACH OTHER to reconnect from high school or college etc., ppl you knew when you were a kid. SO I get a random friend requests and I use to approve them but now I just kind of ignore them. I feel violated. But like you said, I don't find it weird at all on twitter. The more the merrier.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I am so lazy I don't even use party decorations. Heck, I don't even really have parties.

    I get suspicious about people on FB, too. I wonder why this person wants to be my friend when I hardly know him/her.

    I would say these things make you quirky, not weird....


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