Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scrapbook: Springfield

The Land of Lincoln.  I consider it my home state, so it is nice to go back and pay a visit.
So we leave early for our long journey.  Lots of driving.  The view....


and WHAT?? More CORN.
Ahh! yes my weary travelers you learn well.

But between the corn and the tears you see something totally worth not letting your mind go to that deep dark place that makes you wonder, "Is there really such a thing as Children of the Corn?"  "And if there is am I better with these corn children then with my own children?"
That joke just doesn't gets old.
Ahh! Serenity Now.
It's all in the name.

When you plan a family vacation it is always nice to visit people you know.  Of course the less warning you give them the better, don't give them a chance to change their mind. Even better....
The best time for this surprise?  Right before their morning coffee, that way you can prepare yourself for the morning scare.
My sister is actually not that scary in the morning.  You should have seen her face when I came knocking with my two rug-rats at seven a.m..   Priceless.

She let us stay.   She's cool like that.
My sister's rug-rats.
Although I think my sister's rug-rats might get a stern talking to about the art of barking warnings when strangers come near.  Those puppies love early morning visitors!
Best dogs EVER.  I call them my dawgs.

Disclosure: I gave my sister fair warning I was coming and this trip was planned well in advance.  No pre-coffee surprises were bestowed upon unwilling sisters, but if  pre-coffee surprises where bestowed upon sisters they'd love it.   That is why sisters rock.
 Please do not show up to people's houses unannounced.  This makes you a total douchenozzle or a Cousin Eddie .   Don't be a Cousin Eddie. 

Stay tune, more trip photos to come.
It's like that totally awesome slide show your Aunt Edna  showed you when she went to the Poconos, only with less mumus and heart shape tubs.

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