Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scrapbook:Springfield Part Deux or Hark How the Bells

Part One here
After a long morning of traveling it is always nice to take the rest of the day to nap while the kids run around feral.
Or you can go to the park.

To cute to be feral.

It's nice to get outside and sweat like a pig.  
All proof of me sweating has been destroyed, furthering the illusion that I glow.

DUCKS!  they never get boring. or are these geese?  In that case:GEESE!
And we break for a public service announcement:
Geese and ducks poop. They poop a lot. When you feed geese and duck bread they not only poop more but the poop becomes a texture that is not normal and quite frankly is beyond disgusting.  Don't feed geese and ducks bread. 
Thank you , 
Friends who don't want to step in mushy duck crap, or is it geese crap?  In that case GEESE CRAP!

This park that we went to holds special meaning to my sister and her husband, it is where they were married.  And as Megan says, "YUCK MARRIED!"
She's a hopeless romantic.

One of my favorite things about the park is this....
Carillon bells

So cool. Last year we were able to not only hear them, but watch them being played. 
How are they played you ask?

On this contraption

The view from the top....


Hello down there.

This should make you feel better...
More pictures to come.
It's like being tortured by your co-worker's 500 baby pictures, all in the same pose, but with less spit-up!


  1. You are totally cracking me up. I love the DUCKS, GEESE thing. Too funny!

  2. Ducks and geese. Oh my god do they crap. I've got ducks here and they spend ALL their time crapping. It's insane. It's like they do nothing but crap.

    Heh. That was a little bit of a random aside.

    The photos are lovely, I'm a little jealous of your weather. It's raining and freezing here (Tasmania).


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