Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We got back yesterday from our trip to Springfield and St. Louis.
I loved it.  I had fun.  And now off to the "Back to School" races.
I will be back with trip pics, but for now I will leave you with this....

The Gateway to the Midwest
If you happen to be in St. Louis, and need something to do with the kids, check out "The Magic House". Simply amazing and fun!
Those travel books I made?  Worked like a charm.  They are now a permanent fixture in  the "mom-mobile. "


  1. When I was in elementary school I wrote a report on the Gateway Arch. Since that time I have always been fascinated with photos. One day I hope to be able to see it in person. Thanks for sharing your picture :)

  2. We live less than 2 hours from St. Louis. We'll have to check out the magic house when we go next... Glad you had fun!


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