Thursday, August 12, 2010

Changes Made

Last night, well the past month I have given a lot of thought to what I want to do with my life.  Maybe it's the fact that school is starting soon.  There is something new and fresh about this time of year, it begs for change more then anytime of the year.  Yes, even more then New Year.  It is cold in the New Year, bleak, well at least in my neck of the woods.  The idea of starting something new among frigid below zero temperatures is not appealing.  Starting change among the changing fall leaves, the breeze that cools me and the fact that two screaming, fighting children are safety enriching their minds giving me a chance to actually think for a change is my kind of atmosphere for change.
So some changes made....
Did you notice my new blog title.  Yeah I am kind of like it, I think it is a good change.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that home is where my heart is.  I am the type of person who is ready to go off into the next thing.  Sometimes you need the reminder to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground.  It fits my life right now.

I bought a daily planner.  CRAZY I know.   I will actually plan my day.  Well not really.
I always think that I can remember anything, and I can't.  I do have a great memory but one of two things happens when it comes to the important stuff....
  1. I remember it till the day I die or
  2. I totally and completely forget that it exists.
That can cause some issues.  There really is no middle ground here.  To be faced with a mind that keeps or dumps has caused it's problems.  I often hear people say "don't you remember that???"  Um... no not one little bit but I believe you becauseI have issues.

I am making it an issue now to not be afraid to speak my mind.  I am that cowardly lion.  I am always afraid that if I speak my mind I might.....or I know I might...
Wait I have no idea why I am so afraid.  I am not talking about being a total itch-bay here, what I am talking about here has to do with something along the lines of doors and mats and DOORMAT.  Which is a very easy thing to be, a doormat.
So no more doormats for me.  Except my actual doormat outside my front door, it's personalized and way cute.

Next up I will try to blog more.
Blog about the things I love.  I hate.  I love to hate. and hate to love.  Keep up on this little home I created for myself.
I will actually read my e-mail associated with my blog.  The fact that I just spend an evening emptying 1000+ emails out of my inbox makes me want to keep up on it more.  Sure most is not things I need or want, but every once and awhile there is a diamond in the rough.  I don't mind helping people out, and you can't help people out if you don't listen.
After learning a friend was going in for surgery for the BIG "C" it was nice to read an e-mail about a company that was helping out the cause.  In a way it gave me a chance to help the cause, only if it in in a small way.  Only if one person clicked and one dollar was made, it is all good.
I will try to spend a little more time here.  Even if it is just for a minute.

These are easy changes, not like when I say I am going to keep a cleaner house, that's a promise easily broken, especially with my two children.
I don't know how to end this post, maybe a quote is in order?  When in doubt, end with a quote?  Sounds good to me!
The key to change... is to let go of fear.
~Rosanne Cash


  1. Go girlie! Im also trying to work on the doormat and im so glad your going to be writing more because i totally love an relate to you and YOU are what got me into reading blogs and starting my own you rock!!!!!!! DONT FORGET THAT write it in your planner I ROCK go do it now!!!!!

  2. I'm similar in that Fall is when I am more motivated to change. I have some goals, but they are also small ones. Since I will still only have one kid in school and 2 at home, I guess I should start small.

    And the doormat thing? Yeah, let me know if you make progress and how. I could use some help in that area!


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