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I have taken to writing in  private journal.  Writing my thoughts and keeping them, private.  It is quite nice.

Tomorrow is back to school and tonight I am planning  family dinner, one where the TV is off and we all sit at the table and enjoy the pleasure of each others' company.  Is it weird that we never do this on  regular basis at all.  This is my daily confession.   I know we should and studies show and all that jazz but we just don't.  It is sad. 

I can't think of anything else to write.  Maybe when my house is settled and quiet I will attempt to write more.

Oh yeah, read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  I promise you will not be sorry. 


If you know me you would know I love to read.  It's an addiction.  I am a self-proclaimed reading Nerd.  Notice the capital 'N' in nerd.

Things I leave the house with.
My keysMy purseMy Kindle or a  book.I am known to forget my keys and my purse but never, NEVER my Kindle/book.

Have I told you how much I love my Kindle?
I have?
  I do not remember sharing my pure devotion the best e-reader ever, but if you say so I'll take your word for it.....
I named her Kinderlee
One of the best features of Kinderlee is the fact that I can highlight passages that I love.  Those highlighted passages are stored on my Kindle and on my Kindle website.  Sometimes I like to go back and read the passages that made me think, made me laugh or just plain touched my heart. 
Now that I have been spoiled by the highlighting feature on Kindle I find it hard to sit down and read a paper book.  I find myself aching to highlight and I can't.  Well I could sit there w…

Back to School Scrapbooking Journal

Once a long, long time ago my sister-in-law gave me an altered composition book to write in.  The book is super cute and part of the inspiration for my next, on-going scrapbooking project.
These are Meg and Nolan's "School Year Journals."  I did nothing to the outside but the inside is a different story.
This year I am filling all their school pictures, notes and school stories into each composition book.
The above pages are of each kids' "Back-to-School supply list and a  picture of their supplies.

Our trip to see who their teacher is this year....
...and we sat down and mapped out our goals for the new school year!
We will keep filling in the book as the year goes on.

I purchased a school pack of scrap-booking paper at Target, it has a ton of school themed paper, stickers and die-cuts.
Composition books are super cheap right now, I paid about $.40 each for mine.
Happy Scrappin'!!

The Ears Have it

You know that saying 'You don't know what you got until it's gone?'  It's a rock song too, I think.
There is a similar saying 'You don't know what you got till its causing you extreme pain and you can't function properly.'  It's a country song too, I think.  I learned this statement is oh so true this summer.
I had a ear infection this summer.  Make your jokes now about me being five and 'did I get a lollipop after I visited the pediatrician'  Har! har! 
Laugh if you must but I wasn't laughing when the vertigo hit.  Or when the nausea from the vertigo hit.  Or when after I took three ibuprofen and three Tylenol along with the 2000 mg of  amoxicillin and was all like "I WANT MY MOMMY!"  Well, because one she's my mommy and two she's a nurse.  And to give you an idea of the last time I stated that I wanted my mommy,  I was two minutes from delivering my second child and I was on a gurney, in the elevator and the doct…

Pet Peeves and Hates and The Great Fall of Ketchup

I hate when people say "Oh, I would never have time to do that."
or any variation of that statement:
"How do you find the time- I am way too busy."
"Oh you are so lucky you have time to do that."
"I wish I could enjoy that but I have to make my life seem more valuable than yours so I will imply in a round-about way that I am better than you because I fill my day with needless shit so I can seem superior."  
 I was once told by a wise person, if you love something enough you will find the time to do it.  Even if it's just a minute.  I think that is so true.
It's so important to do the things that make you happy.

You know what else I hate, when people joke that they have OCD.  Really OCD is a serious disorder and just because you clean your bathroom once a day doesn't mean you have a severe anxiety disorder that debilitates those who actually have it.   If you are obsessively clean that is one thing.  If you are obsessively clean an…


You know when you write a word and for some reason it doesn't look right and you are like "OMG!  I know that is how you spell that word but it just doesn't look right."  And you sit there all worried you'll look like an idiot so you Google the word to make sure you aren't as stupid as you feel.  And than you feel stupid that you actually looked up that word because 1. You actually should know how to spell that word and 2. It's kind of a word that might have people asking 'Why are you looking up that word?"  And there that word sits in your Google quick--search toolbar and you're worried about someone seeing it even though it's five in the morning and you're the only one awake so you quick put in another word, the first word that comes to mind and than you laugh because the second word totally goes with the first word in a round about way. 
Yeah I knew you'd totally get it.

Birthday Card Scrapbooks

I am faced with the horrid joy of having all my children in school.  All day school, not that half day stuff.  8:00 to 3:00 is all mine.  Mine MINE ALL MINE!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAH!
Well, not exactly.  I do so babysit three days a week and after the dust has settled I am hoping to hop on board the Christmas retail train.
If you never worked retail than you have never worked.  People suck  People buying shit they don't need suck more.  I think every person in the whole world should work retail once.

One of the many things I plan on getting back to is Scrapbooking.  This desire stems from having everything I need to scrapbook collecting dust in my basement.  Also having a butt load of pictures that were sitting on my computer that were deleted by THE COMPUTER VIRUS FROM THE NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL.  I cried.
No, I didn't back them up and yes I know I should have.
Even if I did back-up all those pictures would still have just sat there. I made a goal to start scrapbooking again and By Geo…

Things I Learned This Week/ Sicker Than Hell Edition

1. Taking two medicines that causes confusion is way more fun than taking one medicine that causes confusion.

2. When taking the same medicine that is given to victims of bio-terrorism attacks it is important to have lots and lots of raspberry sherbert.

3.  Having a cat scan is like going into a giant donut that hums.

4. Although a movie and song make vertigo sound really cool it actually is fricken horrid.

5. I eat way to much dairy.

6. It is hard not to blog about being sick because you don't want to seem like you trying to gain sympathy and get lots of attention than you realize you're a blogger.

8. You'd think after having three different antibiotics they give you the fourth for free, sadly that is not the case.

7.  2000mg of Amoxicillan might sound like a lot of Amoxicillan but it actually does nothing for a raging ear infection.

8. "Raging ear infections, they're not just for toddlers." is the official slogan for Summer 2011