Thursday, August 25, 2011


If you know me you would know I love to read.  It's an addiction.  I am a self-proclaimed reading Nerd.  Notice the capital 'N' in nerd.

Things I leave the house with.
  • My keys
  • My purse
  • My Kindle or a  book.
I am known to forget my keys and my purse but never, NEVER my Kindle/book.

Have I told you how much I love my Kindle?
I have?
  I do not remember sharing my pure devotion the best e-reader ever, but if you say so I'll take your word for it.....
I named her Kinderlee
One of the best features of Kinderlee is the fact that I can highlight passages that I love.  Those highlighted passages are stored on my Kindle and on my Kindle website.  Sometimes I like to go back and read the passages that made me think, made me laugh or just plain touched my heart. 
Now that I have been spoiled by the highlighting feature on Kindle I find it hard to sit down and read a paper book.  I find myself aching to highlight and I can't.  Well I could sit there with a highlighter and mark up a perfectly good book but I don't want to.  It seems wrong to deface a book.   Like killing a puppy wrong.
I like to pass books on, and allow people to enjoy it without my influences.  I come from a time and place where writing in books was frowned upon. 
So I came up with a great solution!  I get to document my favorite passages, have them easily accessible and not deface fine works of literature.

'It's just a bookmark!' you say? 
Well no, look closer....

Ahhh! It opens up to form a little notebook...A notebook-mark if you must.
And you must.
All I did was take about five or six pieces of plain white paper and cut them all to the same size.  I used my Cricut, thus the shape and uniform appearance.  Note you can just free-hand cut this, it comes out just fine  Than I cut a fancy piece of paper for the cover.  Stack all the papers together, punch a hole at the top, string a ribbon through the hole and add a brad to keep it all together.
When I come to a passage I love I write the page number and either the whole passage or a shortened version. .
This bookmark will stay in this book forever and ever for me to reference anytime I come back to it.
Okay you can say it.
I know, and proud of it!

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