Back to School Scrapbooking Journal

Once a long, long time ago my sister-in-law gave me an altered composition book to write in.  The book is super cute and part of the inspiration for my next, on-going scrapbooking project.
Oh so colorful and oh not-so altered comp books.
These are Meg and Nolan's "School Year Journals."  I did nothing to the outside but the inside is a different story.
This year I am filling all their school pictures, notes and school stories into each composition book.
The above pages are of each kids' "Back-to-School supply list and a  picture of their supplies.

Our trip to see who their teacher is this year....
...and we sat down and mapped out our goals for the new school year!
We will keep filling in the book as the year goes on.

I purchased a school pack of scrap-booking paper at Target, it has a ton of school themed paper, stickers and die-cuts.
Composition books are super cheap right now, I paid about $.40 each for mine.
Happy Scrappin'!!


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