Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Card Scrapbooks

I am faced with the horrid joy of having all my children in school.  All day school, not that half day stuff.  8:00 to 3:00 is all mine.  Mine MINE ALL MINE!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAH!
Well, not exactly.  I do so babysit three days a week and after the dust has settled I am hoping to hop on board the Christmas retail train.
If you never worked retail than you have never worked.  People suck  People buying shit they don't need suck more.  I think every person in the whole world should work retail once.

One of the many things I plan on getting back to is Scrapbooking.  This desire stems from having everything I need to scrapbook collecting dust in my basement.  Also having a butt load of pictures that were sitting on my computer that were deleted by THE COMPUTER VIRUS FROM THE NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL.  I cried.
No, I didn't back them up and yes I know I should have.
Even if I did back-up all those pictures would still have just sat there. I made a goal to start scrapbooking again and By George I have.
First up birthday party pictures.

1. I took all the birthday cards the kids received and formed a little scrapbook.  Simply punch holes at the top left corner of each card.  I used a regular hand held, office supply hole punch and punched them one at a time.  Use your first card as a template, the corners don't have to match up perfectly, maybe semi-perfect to give it some symmetry.

2. Decide the order you want your cards in and start decorating.
For Nolan's I used a baseball card with no words on the front for the title page...

Yes, I have a Cricut, from Santa three year ago- I was a good gal.
If you have a Cricut you know what a miracle it is.  You also know everyone who knows you have a Cricut wants to use your Cricut.
If you don't have a Cricut you can use sticker on your cards .  I put the date of the party on the bottom.

For Megan I had a card that didn't even need special decorating....
She is five, the card says "five"  Simple.

3.  Decorate each page of your card.  I only used the left side, leaving the right side with the birthday greeting as-is, you want to see who gave you that pretty card!

See like that!
All the card are made with pretty paper so little design elements from you are needed.  Use up your scraps!
See like that!
Fill your pages with pictures, a list of guests and the gifts they gave and a list of all that party food you slaved over.
Let your kids know how much you worked to put that party on!

4. Starting with the title page card, through the holes you punched earlier, string a long ribbon through each hole, going in the order.   Once you have all your card strung into a little book, tie that ribbon in a knot- not to tight, you want to be able to open each card.
See again...
Fun and easy, each book took me about an hour!

Happy scrappin' g-dawgs.

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