Monday, August 8, 2011

Things I Learned This Week/ Sicker Than Hell Edition

1. Taking two medicines that causes confusion is way more fun than taking one medicine that causes confusion.

2. When taking the same medicine that is given to victims of bio-terrorism attacks it is important to have lots and lots of raspberry sherbert.

3.  Having a cat scan is like going into a giant donut that hums.

4. Although a movie and song make vertigo sound really cool it actually is fricken horrid.

5. I eat way to much dairy.

6. It is hard not to blog about being sick because you don't want to seem like you trying to gain sympathy and get lots of attention than you realize you're a blogger.

8. You'd think after having three different antibiotics they give you the fourth for free, sadly that is not the case.

7.  2000mg of Amoxicillan might sound like a lot of Amoxicillan but it actually does nothing for a raging ear infection.

8. "Raging ear infections, they're not just for toddlers." is the official slogan for Summer 2011

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  1. I keep trying to give up dairy but i fail miserably every day.

    Also, I'm quitting facebook because I miss blogging and commenting on blogs so I wanted to let you know that I'm not there anymore so I can do things like leave comments on your blog that I stalk and leave posts on my blog that I neglect.


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