Saturday, August 20, 2011


You know when you write a word and for some reason it doesn't look right and you are like "OMG!  I know that is how you spell that word but it just doesn't look right."  And you sit there all worried you'll look like an idiot so you Google the word to make sure you aren't as stupid as you feel.  And than you feel stupid that you actually looked up that word because 1. You actually should know how to spell that word and 2. It's kind of a word that might have people asking 'Why are you looking up that word?"  And there that word sits in your Google quick--search toolbar and you're worried about someone seeing it even though it's five in the morning and you're the only one awake so you quick put in another word, the first word that comes to mind and than you laugh because the second word totally goes with the first word in a round about way. 
Yeah I knew you'd totally get it.

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  1. such an amazing idea! I have so many bday cards kicking around. Now I know what to do with them!


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