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No Facebook for YOU!

I deleted my Facebook account.   Not in an effort to prove some socially-conscience point, saying in an effort to connect people Facebook has actually achieved the opposite effect.  They disconnect people.  Which is kind of true in a way.  My husband and I will message each other on Facebook, him downstairs, myself upstairs.  We use the excuse of 'less yelling'.  But it also means we are moving less, because when did it become a chore to walk up five steps to address a person face-to-face.
No, I am quitting Facebook for awhile because my account was hacked and when I go on Facebook it redirects to porn.  Or it will post porn links on my friends' pages. 
And mind you not just any porn but porn that scares me.  Like porn that is probably illegal in certain countries, but not here in the USA.  Our country has pretty low moral standards when it comes to stuff like that.  Or our moral standards can easily be stretched when it comes to commerce.   
Now I am getting pol…
I have a sick kid today and I had a sick kid this weekend and three weeks ago or so I had a sick family and four weeks before that I had in some way shape or form some kind of sick person living in my house.  Under one roof.  Sharing germs.
I can't tell you- express to you how sick I am of sickness.  I am convinced these disease-ridden midgets have been sent here to destroy me.  Or I just feel this way because I was up all night with a snivelly, whiny five year old who had a tendency to kick me endlessly in the bladder as I slept next to her.  Or didn't sleep.  On guard with bottles of  Triaminic and Handwarmers.  In what can only be explained as a divine intervention, at midnight I had the genius idea to use a Handwarmer that I had shoved in the back of a drawer to help ease sick kid's ear ache.  It worked fabulous and I am planning on buying a gross of them tomorrow.  Or because I am a blogger and I deserve free stuff some random PR person can send me a gross of them.  I…

Giving Up the Giving Up

I have not stepped into a church and meant it in quite awhile.  Sure family obligations and a short bout of Christian guilt had placed me in some sort of brick and mortar 'House of God'.  I was there.  My heart wasn't.  I don't have a bad relationship with God.  I have a very private relationship with God.   It is not a "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" kind of relationship.  It's a sitting in a quiet room, reflecting on my life and the good and bad and how I can work to make it better kind of relationship.  I don't talk about God a lot.  I think about God a lot.

This time of year a slow seeping guilt finds me.  I think about my youth and all the candy I said I would give up and all the candy I never gave up.  I think about all the rosary decades I had to say kneeling in the living room, not before we fought over who would get the 'glow-in-the-dark' rosary.  Mostly I think about kneeling in the church kneelers trying to keep my but…

life. grand.

I really want to write about something and everything and nothing.  I like my brain.  I hate my brain when it refuses to focus.  Or it loses focus.  I often go to get something and when I get to the place I am suppose to get that something I forget what that something was that I was suppose to get.  And then I stand in front of everything looking at everything thinking it will help me remember that one something I was suppose to get.
And then my anxiety reminds me that I am probably getting Alzheimer.
Ain't life grand?

My sister had a baby.  The baby is a girl.  I walked into the hospital room and when I saw her I started to cry.  Cause my sister is a little sister.  And it's okay for your big sister to have babies, it's crazy when your little sister does.  Because she's little.  Funny thing is for about two decades my little sister has been bigger than me.  She's taller by like four inches.  So I am really the little sister.
When my sister's little baby girl …

baby steps

"I can't control other people's actions.  I can't control what other people do.....I can't control other people's actions.  I can't control what other people do.....I can't control other people's actions.  I can't control what other people do.....I can't control other people's actions.  I can't control what other people do."

This has been my mantra the past couple of weeks.  With deep breaths in a dark room.  This mantra came to me after a moment of self-realization and/or actualization.
I am totally one of those people that will stand in front of another person, I like to soften the blow for everyone else around me.  This could be viewed as a very nice thing, a very selfless thing.  In a sense it makes me the "Protector." I don't like to see people's feelings getting hurt, or one person mad at another person.  At all times I am on alert to stop all and every confrontations.  But in the process of making sure …