Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Facebook for YOU!

I deleted my Facebook account.   Not in an effort to prove some socially-conscience point, saying in an effort to connect people Facebook has actually achieved the opposite effect.  They disconnect people.  Which is kind of true in a way.  My husband and I will message each other on Facebook, him downstairs, myself upstairs.  We use the excuse of 'less yelling'.  But it also means we are moving less, because when did it become a chore to walk up five steps to address a person face-to-face.
No, I am quitting Facebook for awhile because my account was hacked and when I go on Facebook it redirects to porn.  Or it will post porn links on my friends' pages. 
And mind you not just any porn but porn that scares me.  Like porn that is probably illegal in certain countries, but not here in the USA.  Our country has pretty low moral standards when it comes to stuff like that.  Or our moral standards can easily be stretched when it comes to commerce.   
Now I am getting political.
I have no idea how long I will be off Facebook.  A week.  Or two.  Maybe forever.  I am enjoying not viewing certain parts of the male anatomy everyday.  Certain parts of the male anatomy that closely resemble a certain appendage of the elephant.  ((Shutter))  I'd become a nun if they were all that grotesquely big. 
We shall see what is to come of this whole porn/Facebook sabbatical.  Maybe I'll take up a hobby.  Or I'll read more.
 Or blog more.

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  1. Funny, because I am taking a hiatus from FB too. I realized this week that I feel less connected after being on FB than if I stayed off entirely. It's been strangely liberating! I'll miss your posts, though, cuz you are FUNNY!


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