Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Questions Moms of Sick Children Ask Themselves

  1. Did I brush my hair today?
  2.  Did I brush my teeth today
  3. Did I take a shower today?
  4. WTF day is it?
  5. Can I wear these pajama pants to bed even though I wore them all day?
  6. How long has this  puke been on my shirt?
  7. How can he sleep through the kids puking at 2am?
  8.  How did the can opener get in the freezer? 
  9.  Is it possible to be immune to the smell of vomit?


  1. Oh, boy! Sounds like a crazy week. Hope the kids are better now!

  2. Catching up on my Google Reader after having a sick kiddo home all last week. Of course, thanks to this - these questions are even more fitting.

    1 - Wait, I'm supposed to brush my hair every day?
    2 - This only is an issue when both kids are home sick and I don't have to leave the house.
    3 - *sigh* Guilty!
    4 - It all blends together doesn't it?
    5 - Why make more laundry that will sit there?!
    6 - Ewwwww! Now that would make me put something into the laundry immediately. Rule from my teaching days was if you had to puke RUN!
    7 - I swear it is the Y chromosome.
    8 - Can't help you with that one, but I have done worse.
    9 - In my life I can not imagine that happening. Vomit sounds/smells/sight make me want to hurl.
    10 - I hope by now your kiddos are on the mend. Hugs coming your way.


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