Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Binders

I try to start our summer off with some sort of:
1. Plan for activities and outings
2. Organization for all the classes/sporting events I have to take the children to.
Of course by mid-July- oh all right 2 weeks into summer vacation- all my organization and planning falls apart.
I will not be deterred this year.  I will plan and organize and pray to the goddesses of whatever goddesses are meant for domestication, that all my hard work is not for naught.
This year I am testing out "The Summer Binder."  All my children's summer needs contained in one white, organized book.
Here is how it looks inside:
Binder pencil cases are the GREATEST things ever.  I purchased mine at the dollar store than went to Wal-mart and found them for $.97 and when I got home one of the dollar store pouches zipper broke.
F-U dollar store F.U.
In the pencil cases are pencils (duh) and dry erase markers.

The first page is the oh so dreaded CHORE CHART! NOOOOOOOOO!
I have all their daily chores listed for the week.  I slipped the chore chart, as well as the other papers in the binder, in a plastic sheet protector.   Plastic sheet protectors are the greatest thing EVER.  You can write on the sheet protector with dry-erase marker and wipe it off at the end of the week. 
I found a bunch of AWESOME chore charts here.

 This is a basic run down of all of one child's summer activities.  I listed time, date and location for an easy reference.
Customized, printable calendars are the greatest THING ever!
I used a great printable calendar site (here) and listed what each child has each day.  The kids are going to be mighty busy this summer.  Weekends I left for visits to MiMi's and surprise trips.
Here is a list '100 things for kids to do when they are bored',  I found it here.  I tweaked it a bit to fit our needs.
Nolan came home with a lot of flash cards and learning aids he used during the school year.  Did you know children can lose two months worth of learning during the summer?  Having these cards on hand will hopefully keep their minds in learning mode.

Some cute folders to hold our reading log sheets!  Does your local library have a summer reading program?   Did you know that Barnes and Noble AND Borders rewards your children with free books when they read over the summer?
Who doesn't LOVE free books?  They are the GREATEST THING EVER!

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