May 16, 2010

*So ends a "husband works" weekend.  12 hour shift means I have the kids all day, all weekend.  We have reached the point that I don't run to every cry.  I ignore the fighting, in fact I  ran into the bathroom yesterday and turned on the faucet then flushed to toilet, twice, to drowned out the noise.

*I finished reading As Cool As I Am.  I am also fascinated by men who write "coming of age" tales and the main character is a teen girl.  They must have been a teen girl in another life.  Or they are really fascinated by teen girls, which is kind of creepy.

*I also read The Opposite of Love, which has been sitting on my book shelf forever.  When I finally finish a book I have been  putting off there is this great sense of accomplishment.  If I can finally finish Wuthering Heights
that would beyond that great sense; I will have to throw a party. This book is a great sore spot for me, every time I start it I cry.


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