Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010

Volunteering is a sport.  It should be in the Olympics.  I'd win the gold this week.  It never seems to stop when your kids are in school, there is always something for you to do.
This week I went from field trip chaperon to preschool snack helper.  Board meetings to fundraisers it is what a mom does, or what a crazy mom does.  Whatever. Semantics.
If you are a mom, in some way shape or form, you have to be crazy person.  Sane people would not put up with all this shit.
Anyhoo I love to volunteer.  Scratch that.  I love it except when I am not calling my mom in tears.  Because I do that.  Call my mom in tears. Sad for many reasons...
1. I am 33.
2. I realize when my children are 33 they will probably call me on the phone in tears and this means my job as mom is never really done.

Back to volunteering, it is a great feeling to help.  It is a total selfish I know, and I don't care.  We don't usually  submit ourselves to thing that make us feel awful.  Things that make us feel like shit.  We do thing that lift our spirits.

I volunteer too because I am not out working in the trenches.  I am at home working my ass off, but sadly that doesn't amount to jack when you go back out in the work force.  If I can pad my resume with a few board positions and volunteer items the more the merrier.  Again selfish, but necessary.

Now with all this volunteering I need a nap....



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