Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

Mommy House Rules:
1.Band aids for gushing blood only.
2. Hands to home.
3. Feet to home.
4.Any appendage that could touch your sibling  to home.
5.Ask and you shall NOT receive.
6.Be a good example to your sibling and friends.

I have invented these rules to help with the hell that is sure to come come summer.  I am scared.  Frightened. I am shaking in my flip-flops. Not only do I have my own wonderful children, but I also have another little guy during the day.  At any given moment it go from pure bliss to total chaos. 
My first step to prep for summer was to get the oldest into some kind of camp/school thingy, and thankfully the school district remedied this step.  "N" will go 4 days a week for reading tutoring, which he needs and then science and math programs.  The science and math programs are geared more in a entertainment way, I am sure some experimenting will go on.
"M" will have to stay by my side one more year considering all the park and rec programs are for 4 year olds, and she just is not there yet.  I was none to please they took away the 3 year old ballet program this year, she has been gearing up for it all year (sad face).  I am hoping some other place will come up with a dance class that is affordable.
Summer goes fast, and I know all will go well.  If worse comes to worse I always can run to the farm (mommy's house)for a short respite.  
It's good to have a plan.


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