May 25, 2010

As I write this there is a storm outside.  Thunder, lightning,  hail and high winds.   Did I ever tell you I am a little afraid of thunderstorms?   I am.  That sense of the unknown.  The load noise.  The flashes of light that come out of nowhere.  It seems like a childish fear, I have a natural reaction to pull the covers over my eyes, as if a large piece of cloth will protect me from the chaos outside.
I know I shouldn't diminish my fear, it is not childish to be afraid.  Thunderstorms are a dangerous beast and fear is warranted.  I do know though that I have to remain calm for the kids.  Laugh away the fear.  Proclaim "Strikes!" when the loudest of the claps shake our home.  Try hard not to put my fear on to them. 



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