Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010

*You did not hear what I did yesterday because essential what I did was sit on my fat ass and finished reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"  It is a good book, if you are looking for a good book get it.  There my public service for the week is done.
It feels good to help people.

*Billy the Exterminator is on right at this very moment.  It is on a lot in this house.  Most kids give "cooties"  my kids run around saying "I just gave you dysentery."  "Don't come near me you have botulism."  "Ewww...You have toxicplasmosis."

*My Google Reader has re-dunk-u-lous right now.  I have switched from my "iGoogle" to "Classic" Google just so I don't have that 3 digit number in my face all the time.

*I did get a chance to read my friend Mel's blog, where she talked about a song(s) that reflects your life.  My songs go back all the way to the day when "Ally McBeal" had to find her theme song.  Do you remember that?  Tracy Ullman was her shrink and she told Ally to find her theme song.
I have two theme songs, one for each of my personalities, they are.....


These songs may lead you to believe that I walk around in Birkenstocks all day, rolling dubies.  You are only half right.

*Now Nolan just told me he learned about histoplasmosis.  I am sure before the night is through Meg will "catch" it.

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