May 11, 2010

*I did not change the name of this blog.....but the day is not over yet.

*I volunteered for something and, not to go outside my bad habit, I waited for the last minute to do it.  I cut, pasted, glue, cricuted, braded till my whole body hurt.  This is what you get when you tell people you scrapbook, you become the designated crafting asshole.
It is all done and I must look back at this the next time I volunteer.

*Reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."  I know little of Sweden- 'cept for their rolls and ABBA of course.  I am forced to rely on character summaries on Wikipedia and Google Maps of Sweden.  We would even mention all the Swedish corporate corruption in this book.  I try to stay out of that drama here in my own country I can't be involved in other countries business.

*Taco Tuesday concludes with a bang- You think after I realized the effects Taco Tuesdays have on me I would stop participating in the Taco Tuesday festivities.


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