Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hidden Posts and Extreme Anger

Have you ever hidden a post, post-date it back a couple of months so it's not on your front page for anyone and everyone to read?  I just did.  Call me a wimp, a coward whatever.  I just needed to get out some anger and frustration, I wanted it to be here, just not right here, up front for the world to see.
Mostly it was about the anger that I felt towards a person, a grown adult.  My anger boiled over and became something almost physical.  I stood outside, I saw this person and it took every ounce of personal strength not to go over to her and hit her.  Strike her.  Pull out every hair on her head.  I felt a ashamed that someone could yield such a violent reaction.  That hate boiled over to a point that could have been of no return. 
I walked inside to breathe, cried a little, counted to one hundred and composed myself.   I couldn't find my way back outside to where she was, I just didn't trust myself enough.
A question: Have you ever hidden a post?  Why?


  1. No, I have never hidden a post. If I didn't want ppl to see it I probably would have just typed it into a word document and typed away and got it all out, then deleted it. If I post something it is because I WANT to share it with ppl.

  2. I didnt know that you could do that! But it is good to know. Hugs girlie hope it all works out

  3. I haven't hidden a post, but I have many, many that I just never actually posted. They are in my queue, but not published on the blog. I have also taken at least one post down that I thought was way too negative.

    Sorry about whatever it is that has happened. I hope everything is ok.


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