Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee wish list

You all know I am a GLEEK!
Last night a wish was fulfilled when they took on Madonna so I thought I'd put some of my other GLEE! wishes out for the universe to take on, and if possible a writer for GLEE!
First up: Rachel's Grandma comes for a visit....
Right. Right?  Okay not that Babs isn't famous enough, but don't you think this would be a great way for her to broaden her audience base?  Plus we haven't had a good Barbra worship since Linda Richman.  
Think about it, Grandma goes to support her granddaughter- she questions Mr Schuester's ability to take her Granddaughter to sectional.  Divaness ensues.

Now that we met Rachel's Grandma it won't hurt to touch on Rachel's mother.
Okay I am a bit bias here, due to another show I LOVE LOVE.  I know for a fact, from a fan chat with Katey, she stated she would love to be on GLEE!
Go with me here peeps, washed-up lounge singer, at one time destined for greatness, she gets Rachel back on the path to stardom after a harsh break-up.

Rachel's Dads....

Of course.
The seriousness of Nathan mixed with Alan's quirkiness. PERFECT.

My last request is of course, the one, the only.....

I won't be a true GLEEK! if I didn't suggest it.
Recent graduate, past member of the GLEE! pissed off about New Directions success, I come back to sabotage the group.  Of course I play nice, but behind the groups back I am in cahoots with Sue.
I could see it now.
Oh well a girl can dream.

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