Monday, April 5, 2010

Go ahead and judge

Do I judge other mothers?
Yes, and I don't need your blog to do it.
Do other moms judge me?
Yes and they don't need my blog to do it.
Today I watched as half the neighborhood children ran around in bikinis and swim trunks I couldn't help myself, I judged their moms.  It wasn't cold out,but it wasn't hot.  In my opinion it was too cold to have children running around half naked.  It was just my opinion, does that mean I am right?
Today Megan wanted to wear her Dora pajama pants and Minnie Mouse ears all day.  To the park.  To McDonald's and all day.  She hadn't worn the pj pants to bed the night before, she put them on this morning and refused to change.  Did someone look at her and wonder if I even changed her into clean clothes this morning?  And why do I care if someone did?
My children tell me they love me and I am the best mom ever.  They say smart things like ketchup cleans pennies and MEGAN spells Me! 
One of my kids swears like a sailor.  The other enjoys saying poopy at various intervals throughout the day.  And the most used words in my house are diarrhea and diaper and penis.
I keep frozen chicken nuggets in the freezer for those days I have had it up to here, no HERE, and the idea of making a meal brings tears to my eyes.  And wine to my lips.
I baked a carrot cake.  And pancakes with whole wheat and oat flour and mashed up bananas and little chocolate chips.
My house is always a mess, but the dishes in the dishwasher are clean. 
I blog when my children are in bed mostly, but sometimes as they watch cartoons, that I put on because I need a moment of peace.
I yell, I scream and I whisper sweet nothings.  
I am a mom go ahead and judge.


  1. Love the honesty. Sounds to me like you are doing it right!

  2. I LOVE this post! Made me get all teary! Muah. Your the best girlie.

  3. Sing it, sister! I agree totally. And just so you know, most days my kids eat chicken nuggets, so you are way ahead of me on that one!

    Also, anytime I see a kid dressed funny, I just assume it is because they dressed themselves and I think "Good for that mom. She knows what battles to pick and what ones to let go of."

  4. Wow. You said what is in my heart many days.

    I really love this post.


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