Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

I need a little help coming up with things to write and I figured "Top 10" lists are always a good place to start, and since it is 2010 it works out in a kitschy kind of way.
So I am not one to make a schedule so whenever I feel like it I will make up a new top 10 list and you can feel free to play along.
Top 10 Things I Love to Do.
1. I love to watch T.V. I LOVE LOVE T.V. I know it rots your brain. Of all the things that feed the brain, T.V. is the Twinkies brain food.
I will watch documentaries on PBS and smut reality on MTV. I don't have it on all day every day, but when it is on I enjoy it. I love it.

2. Spontaneous crafting. In a split second of creativity I can come up with the most genius kids craft, I go downstairs, rummage through my endless supply of craft supplies and come up with something so AWESOME. The pie tin turtle, the pirate map and paper bag puppet with 3D elements all came up in a split second. No real thought,. No precise planning. Just pure spontaneous fun.

3. Peeling oranges with my fingers. Growing up we had one of those fancy orange peelers, and I have seen people score a peel with a knife, but I love to dig my finger nails into an orange and just peel away. I love how the citrus oils leave a semi-permanent mark in my nail bed, a natural perfume. I love to bite my nails after I eat the meat of the orange and taste the bitter white skin.

4. Reading. I go in fits with reading. I could read 5 books in 5 days then not read a book for 6 months. I read blogs everyday. I love short stories and poetry, they get me through till my next book frenzy.

5.Blogging. I do love it, even though at times when I have nothing to write, which is the most frustrating thing ever. When I can get an emotional feeling down it is the best feeling in the world.

6. Cuddling. I am a giant snuggle bunny wrapped up in a cuddling teddy bear. I have a three year old who loves to be wrapped up like a baby and squeezed tight. I fear the day when my children won't want to be hugged, squeezed or cuddled, although I think Meg will always need a tight squeeze, she needs snuggles like she needs air. I pity the man who will marry my daughter, he will have to be a ready to share tight quarters.

7. I love spying on people. Not looking in their homes, but staring at their twitter stream or their Facebook page. Social media is a curious person's wet dream.

8.Browsing the book store. It is like my candy shop. I love looking at the picture books, the art books, the cook books. I could spend endless hours going through the stacks, browsing at their wares.

9. Eat. Anything and almost everything. I love crackers when anything on it. Cheese, spreads. My favorite meal is just making a bunch of snacky foods, cheese, artichoke dip, and eating them till I explode. I call it my Mermaids dinner.

10. Sleeping. When you don't get enough of it you celebrate every moment you do get it. I love that moment when you know you are about to go into deep slumber. The best.

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  1. I too love the book store. I could spend hours there. I think book shopping is the only kind of shopping I actually enjoy. and sleep? Yeah, I'm a big fan of it!


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