Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bad Morning

The thing about bad mornings is that they can turn into bad days, especially when you are the type of person that holds on to shit. It's hard to let go of shit. Especially when that shit makes you feel like the worse mother in the world.
I hate that I am a screamer. I am trying to change. When a child weighs on every last nerve. Takes what is left of the little patience I have left. The volcano mommy erupts. What ends up happening is he cries then I cry.
And in the end nothing gets accomplished.
Except I remind him NO matter what I love him. And he reminds me that he loves me.
Anyway I spare you the terrible details of a bad morning, if you are a mom, who had to get a kid off to school, I am sure you can relate.
I am pledging right now to make the day better. To let the bad morning go, to make today a good day.
How did your morning go?


  1. I hate bad mornings. They always hit just when you don't need one. (((HUGS)))

  2. Oh, I can so relate. Unfortunately, I too am a screamer. And you are right. It doesn't help anything at all.

  3. Muah! I need to work on my patience. It can be really hard sometimes with three little ones. Muah!


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