Monday, December 14, 2009


I am taking a break from the self-loathing that has become this blog to talk about tonsurephobia, or fear of haircuts. I am convinced I am the only woman in the world that hates sitting in a chair and getting her haircut. People touching my head is not relaxing to me, I hate sitting for long stretches, no matter what my couch says. I am in fear that they will totally screw my hair up and I will walk around looking like a complete and total nerd. Mostly though I can only guarantee my social graces for a span of five minutes, after five minutes I can make no promises that the things that come out of my mouth will not offend or shock you.
You would think that I have Crystal Gayle hair, but you are wrong. My thick hair causes extreme headaches so I can hold out almost a year between haircuts, then my hair feels more like a ten pound weight on my head. It actually hurts me to have hair go past my shoulder.
Now there is a lot of past incidence that caused this fear, and I am well aware of them. Bad perms. Short haircuts that made my head look more like a football player then a girl. Getting told I have thick hair more times then I can count, I don't like being told the obvious. A boy I had a crush on tell someone he liked me before I cut my hair.
Having a bit of social anxiety doesn't help. Having to make polite chit-chat is not high on my list of FAVE things to do. In fact if the enemy were to get me and sit me in a hydraulic chair and started talking to me about the weather I'd spill all this countries secrets. I am a weak, weak person.
I am writing this post now because I am starting to feel the pull, there is only so much Advil a girl can take. I know this is a long time coming. I will procrastinate for another week or so, but soon I will have to suck it up and get my hair chopped. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck. I have a love/hate relationship with haircuts. I always go in thinking I will get the cut of my dreams, and that doesn't happen very often (I am having great difficulty finding a stylist I like here). Also, I am not a big fan of the small talk either, especially when I am getting my hair washed. I find it relaxing IF I don't have to talk, but they go and ruin it for me by asking about the weather or something. Hope you find a stylist you like....

  2. I think a stylist is makes a difference. I had one that was AMAZING. She made me feel so comfortable and did my hair PERFECT. but then I moved and she moved. I haven't had my hair colored since I was with her- really if you can't cut my hair you can't color it.

  3. I hate, hate, hate getting my hair done. I have the opposite problem you have. I have fine thin fly-away hair and it is board straight. I can't get a perm to hold to save my life. Imagine dealing with this all through middle school. It wasn't until Friends came along and Jennifer Aniston made my naturally straight hair a trendy thing. (Too bad I don't have her looks and bod to go with!)

    Anyway, I finally found a woman who makes me look like a million bucks. I literally get compliments everywhere I go and people are always asking for her number.

    I know and feel your pain, but for different reasons. I'd really love to have thicker hair.


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