Thursday, November 1, 2012


Been a long time old friend.  I have a new part time job.  That is why I have been neglectful here.
  I waited patiently for the perfect job to come along.  Allowing me to be home when the kids are home.  I work while they work.  Perfection.
Substitute support staff with our area school district.   On days I work I wake up hoping and praying there is a job.  I keep hitting the refresh button until a job pops up.  I am not picky.  I'll take anything.  I will work with easy kids and hard kids.  I can handle checking out books at the library.  I make a kick ass spread sheet. 
Teachers get a lot of credit, as they should.  But this job makes me realize how much more there is to a school.
The aides work one on one with that 'difficult' kid so the teacher can teach the class. They give that extra push to help those who need it.
Playground helpers keep the peace while still allowing kids to be kids.
The librarians encourage a love of reading.  They pick that perfect book for the small child who struggles.
The secretaries are the front line for lost permission slips and controlling angry parent and students. 
The cafeteria workers struggle with new nutrition guidelines and watch everyday those who don't have enough food at home.  Feeding the stomach so another can feed the mind.

These men and woman don't get the credit they should. 

Please, please the next time you are at your child's school seek them out and thank them for all their hard work.  They deserve it.

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