Friday, November 9, 2012

Ridiculously satisfying and comforting is peeling the seeds from a pomegranate fruit.  There is no real neat way to do this task: you pierce the skin with a knife, pull apart the flesh and pull the seeds out.  Juices flow out to the cutting board and stain your hands.  It is perfection.

The doctor is trying to get me to do these 4-7-8 breathing exercises and I can't seem to get 'it'.  I can't pull air into my lungs through my nose for 4 seconds.  Holding my breath for 7 seconds is near impossible.  And 'wooshing' the air out of my lungs takes 3 seconds not the required 8.  I do all the steps 3 or 4 times and my heart feels like it is being used as a pin cushion/voodoo doll.  I must not be doing it right.  Or I am doing it right and my body hates me enough not to relax.
Maybe it's just the idea of sitting still and breathing.  Not that I don't do it everyday.  I sit.  I breathe.  I even sit and breathe at the same time.  Why is this one minute exercise so hard for me?

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