Saturday, October 13, 2012


He is just a little different than the rest."  Why can't I be like everyone else?"   I don't know why.  I have no right answer to this question.  Ever.
 Anytime and every time he asks it.
Why does he feel more? It all sits in his head.  And travels to his stomach.  And back up to his heart.  And it sits there longer than anyone else. It's always more than his peers.  Every thing is more.
I like to think this life means more to him.  That he feels more of it.  And craves more of it.  It is a comforting and scary thought all at the same time. 
Every victory will mean more to him.  The little things are to be celebrated. My hope is that he will appreciate everything more.  His successes will carry him through his life and bring him comfort when he has a heavy heart.
In his small way he is making me slow down.  To think.  And remember.  And pray.
Because today was tough.  But tomorrow can be better. 
So much better.

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