Monday, July 16, 2012

So Emotional

I have an over-emotional daughter. This of course should come at no surprise, being that I am always a heartbeat away from some type of breakdown. I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Being a constant emotional being is a trait passed down on the mother's side, along with big breasts and stringy hair.
Passed mother to daughter who becomes a mother who passes it to her daughter.
You can say that it is all objective and because she is mine I might be over-critical.  I will tell you you are wrong.
I have witnesses.
One day my daughter was playing a few backyards away with friends, myself on my deck reading, sipping wine, listening to the play going on.  All of a sudden a heart-crushing tear filled scream.  I knew.  I rolled my eyes and prepared for the least.  My neighbors on the other hand were not prepared.  One came rushing out like a paramedic running to a five car pile-up the other left their towel draped naked toddler, who just got out of the bath, in his room.  Running, fear in their eyes.  Me, walking in, shaking my head apologizing already for my daughters break-down.
The problem:
Someone threw her water bottle.
 I apologized again and took my over-emotional, over-tired girl home and got her ready for a night in.
It's hard to deal with.  Emotions are tricky business.  What you do and how you do it stays. This is a life lesson and how she deals with it today will be how she will deal with it tomorrow.
When she's older and alone she will be tempted with other things that can make the pain go away.
Quick and easy.
Now I put her in her room to get it out and I put on Mary.  And when she comes down still wrapped tight in everything I tell her to dance.  Because Mary don't like tears.  Mary wants you to dance.
And we dance.
And then we talk.
Because even though she is over-emotional those emotions are still feelings and that counts for something.

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