Friday, July 20, 2012

i can has english

I like to go back and read my old post and see how terrible my grammar was and still is.  If it were not for the red squiggly line I'd be talking about my spelling too. My problem is I can't edit myself.  It's impossible.  Well not impossible just damn hard.  It's hard to be in my head and the word come out wrong and I can read it a hundred times and never catch a simple error like you're instead of your. And no one reads my blog much so no one says anything but I think it's because people don't want to be assholes and correct me.  My husband always corrects me, I equally love and hate him for that.  I use to say 'libary' until he corrected me.  And I was all like "Fuck you man I'll call it what ever I want to call it" so I call it a 'library' now.  You can be stubborn or you can be right and mostly I want to be right.  Being stubborn is highly overrated.  And now I hate everyone who never corrected my ignorance.  Every teacher and librarian.  That's their job to correct the ignorant.  Epic fail. 

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  1. No eating strawbrarries in the liberries.

    I'm a non-editor too. I can't just go back and see what's wrong with what I do because it just makes perfect sense to me.

    I've never noticed poor grammar here, if it makes you feel better!


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