Wednesday, July 25, 2012


*I have been making my family eat at the dinner table.  And not just eat at the table but talk at the table.  I set the table with place-mats and plates and napkins and I put the food on the table in nice bowls and we eat 'family-style' because we are a family.
Before we ate standing up and sitting down.  In front of the T.V. and all that other stuff they tell you not to do.  The very things that makes you anti-social and anti-family and anti-healthy: mind, body and soul.
Now that we eat at the table with food and talking I noticed my kitchen is cleaner and the dishes get done faster and we are all happier, better human beings because of it.  Mind.  Body. Soul.

*I hate talking about current events but lately current events have caused my very world to be sucky.  Mostly it's easy to say I hate people and people suck. Mostly it's easy not to see the good.  To develop this sort of apathy to the world around me.
 People are such strange creatures.  It's weirdly strange and strangely weird that we have a capacity to harbor so much evil and so much love in the same container.
I did this science experiment with the kids; in a bottle there is oil and water and food coloring and glitter and if you shake the bottle hard enough all the ingredients mix perfectly together and then they separate slowly.  The water goes to the bottom, the oil to the middle and the glitter to the top.
I think we humans are like that bottle with oil and water and glitter.  Shake us up enough and we all come together for a moment. We stay still and then we slowly go are own way.

*Mostly I know I can't make the whole world better.  I just have to start in the corner of my own.  Sometimes you have to start something somewhere.  And maybe it's running for President or standing on a podium screaming loud for all to hear.  Or maybe it's making a meal and sitting down to eat at a table with place-mats and food in nice bowls and talking and your family.   

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