Farts Legos and Edgar Allan Poe

*You think after Fart-Fest 2012 I'd stop eating dairy all together.  But I can't.  I try to limit it but every 'Taco Tuesday' rolls around and I am back at square one.  I already gave up the glut, I can't give up the lact too.
You'd think it be hard to give up gluten and flour and all the good things that come with it.  But it isn't.  I am more horrified to give up ice cream than I am a cookie.  I can deal with the chalky taste of a wheat-free cookie.  I can't deal with the after-taste of any soy ice cream.  What does this say about me?

*I helped my son build a Lego light house.  Correnction: My son helped me build a Lego light house.  Because we'd start it together and suddenly I looked over he was gone and I was still working on it.  Or he was at his friend's house and I was like "Oh I'll just do the next step for him."  And five steps later I am still working, yelling "Come on you little fuckers connect."

 You know you can't beat a kick ass Edgar Allan Poe poem  set to music, with BANJO...
I am sure some people will consider this sacrilege.  I consider it AWESOME.   


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